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Someone should have told Ben that his outfit is just not working for him. Stripes and polka dots??? C'mon seriously.


Well, considering that the young lady is being escorted by a Geico caveman in a French navy uniform (albeit covered up with a nice camelhair coat), I'd say that Ben is a step up.


While I was excited when I thought I saw a post reminiscing about my old blog name... I was even more so to see some hot raunchy grabbing on The Mare.


Bob, I don't think Mary Worth is mentioned in this, but I thought you'd find it interesting to see a list of the religions of our favorite comic book characters.
Perhaps this would be a good way to combine your Leviticus series with Mary?
Keep writing. Love your blog.


The Washington Post is dropping both Mary Worth and Cathy. I'm not going to protest.

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